Tying the knot on food wastage.
Using sustainable insects.
Our mission

Placing a bandage on food wastage isn't enough. We aim to not just combat it but use it as a concept of producing efficient products/services while protecting the environment.

We concentrate on urbanised areas that involves high levels of food waste. For our processing facility to near dense locations it allows us to reduce our footprint.

Food wastage in Australia and globally is a growing problem that can't be solved only just following instructions into reducing waste. Through up-cycling and a good waste management strategy in place we are able to reverse this cycle and create positive impact not just for organisations but for the planet too.

Our goal is to create a 100% carbon-free cycle from farming sustainable insects to thorough processing, packaging and transporting. 

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Our goal is to create a sustainable future with insects and effectively run carbon-neutral. Eventually our aim is to operate carbon-negatively and provide more solutions to everyday life using sustainable insects alone.

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